TODD TERRY at Armania Phuket

From his early days in Brooklyn, Grammy Award-nominated DJ/Producer Todd Terry has been immersed in the vibrant world of dance music. Captivated by the rhythms of European dance records, he quickly embraced his passion for turntables, recognizing a distinct quality in these tracks that set them apart. Faced with limited opportunities in New York, Todd found his breakthrough in England, where his unique sound resonated immediately. Thus, the iconic Todd Terry sound was born, marking the beginning of a legendary journey in the realm of electronic music.

In 1988, Todd Terry experienced a significant breakthrough in England and Europe, with his burgeoning fame beginning to reverberate back to the United States. The heightened acclaim also reverberated back to Todd Terry's own name with the release of two immensely popular singles in 1988: "Weekend" and "Bango (To the Batmobile)," both under the Todd Terry Project. However, Terry adopts a multitude of pseudonyms for a plethora of club anthems. Embracing alter egos such as Black Riot for "A Day in the Life," Gypsymen for "Hear the Music," and Royal House for "Can You Party," he curated an extensive musical repertoire.

Beyond his prolific discography, Terry demonstrated his versatility through remixing, lending his talents to an array of artists including SNAP, Annie Lennox, George Michael, Sting, Björk, Janet Jackson, and Tina Turner. Todd's debut release, "Keep On Jumpin'," featuring Martha Wash and Jocelyn Brown, soared to the top 10 on the UK crossover pop charts and achieved worldwide acclaim as a smash hit. Following this success, Todd delivered another chart-topping anthem with "Somethin Going On," which secured a place in the top 5 of the UK crossover pop charts.

The British house movement in the early '90s paved the way for Terry's global expansion, leading to coveted opportunities such as a revered residency at London's iconic Ministry of Sound superclub. Ministry of Sound further recognized Terry's influence by licensing Philippe B Vs. Todd Terry's "Can You Feel It (Can You Party)" for a significant 2006 release, presenting a fresh rendition of the timeless Todd classic from Royal House, "Can You Party.". Revered for his unparalleled turntable prowess, Terry earned the endearing title of "God" from certain British journalists.

In 2007, Todd Terry All Stars, featuring Kenny Dope, DJ Sneak, Terry Hunter, and Tara McDonald, unveiled "Get Down" on Strictly Rhythm. This scorching-hot single marked the inaugural original release on the reinvigorated and illustrious label.

Todd stands as one of the most revered luminaries in the realm of dance music worldwide. His production prowess continues to advance and excel. Welcome to the cathedral of house music, overseen by the esteemed "Todd the God."