MR. BELT & WEZOL at Armania Phuket

Often celebrated as the Netherlands' most distinctive DJ duo, Mr. Belt & Wezol are known for their innovative fusion of retro and contemporary sounds. Their performances and tracks are characterized by sample-based house music that strikes a perfect balance between the familiar and the unexpected.

Comprising Bart Riem and Sam van Wees, Mr. Belt & Wezol have established themselves as key figures in the electronic dance music (EDM) scene. Their energetic and eclectic house music, which blends elements of future house, tech house, and classic house, has earned them widespread recognition. Standout tracks like "Finally," "Somebody to Love," and "One More Day" highlight their talent for crafting catchy melodies, groovy basslines, and playful production.

Their dynamic live performances have graced major festivals such as Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, and Ultra, giving fans ample opportunity to see them in action. To truly experience their unique style, fans should attend their "The Cuckoo’s Nest" events and club shows. These gatherings, known for their long solo sets and exciting back-to-back sessions with fellow DJs, are a testament to their vibrant and engaging stage presence. The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) editions of these shows are particularly popular and often sell out, with new dates announced throughout the year.

With a growing discography and an ever-expanding fan base, Mr. Belt & Wezol continue to push the boundaries of house music, making them favorites among house music enthusiasts worldwide.